Coliman Pool Plaster FAQs

Coliman offers a one year warranty on all plastering jobs.
We can provide a quote within 24 hours.
The pool is immediately filled with water and our experts may provide the customer with assistance on the start up or after care of the pool
Yes, as long as the temperature does not reach freezing .
It all depends on the extent of work being done, A replaster will take 2 days. But if the job is plaster, tile, and coping that may take about a week. Coping and tile can take about 3 days. All given that the weather is good.
Before replastering, our experts make sure the pool is solid. If hollows are detected then yes, the old plaster is removed along those weak areas. We pay attention to details and make sure the pool is in perfect condition before replastering
No, plaster can be completed without the replacing of tiles. So customers may keep their current tile. Although replacement of tile is recommended if tile is found to be weak or broken.
No the coliman representative will take care of the draining of the pool